Ruth Lague

Landscape in its barest form.


For me, landscapes represent fragments of time that will never be again; intimate moments shared with something greater than myself; quiet meditations to which I bear witness. They compel me to paint.


My points of reference for landscape painting are memories or photographs. I try to mimic the brightness found in nature, such as a warm sunset or the minimal stillness of a northern oceanscape, with its cool blues. I always strive for visual economy in my work:  Can a block of color represent a field of dried grass on an early spring morning? Can a simple, dark blue line that runs across the surface embody the ocean’s edge at sunset?




Sudan encaustic and oil, 24" x 24"  09/2011 Sunset 03 Encaustic,  8" x 8", 10/2011
Without You Encaustic,  9" x 12" , : 10/2011