Arnold Trachtman

Paul Klee said that “the object of art is not to render the visible, but to render things visible.”  For me that has meant the feelings, thoughts, and ideas about the subjects that are represented.  The means for conveying that content is form.  By form, I mean the shapes, colors, and textures that make a painting legible.  Form in and of itself is not a lifelong fascination.  It is merely a vehicle to arrive at a destination: meaning.

George Orwell, Acrylic on Canvas, 18in x 18in, 1990 Arnold Trachtman:  Another Day Anther Dolar
Arnold Trachtman:  Un Poco Loco Arnold Trachtman:  Tic Tac Toe
Arnold Trachtman:  The Emissaries Arnold Trachtman:  Peace in our Time
Arnold Trachtman: Kafka