Barbara Eskin

My paintings are visual expressions of personal or collective experiences. One of my favorite subjects has been the way we experience Time.


I paint from inside, using a variety of means and techniques. As I set to work, I try to keep the process largely intuitive. Ambiguities and “unfinished” elements are there to be relished and to invite the viewer to engage in an equally intuitive process of seeing. When the mind becomes involved, invariably, things are shaken up. With increasing awareness come words, which will help define the subject. But words have a way of imposing themselves. Mental control may change the perspective, or set boundaries, counteracting intuition, but it may also stimulate the creative process.  It is a fascinating balancing act.


The dialogue between mind and intuition has especially informed my last two series,  “This, That and the In-Between, or: Kairos” and “The Scandal and the Beauty of it”. In both cases the process
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Barbara Eskin: About Time Barbara Eskin: What's with all the black and blue?
Barbara Eskin: The Scandal and the Beauty of It(2) Barbara Eskin: The Scandal and the Beauty of It
Barbara Eskin: This, That and the In-Between (Kairos) Barbara Eskin: This, That and the In-Between(4)