Barry Margolin

Emptiness and Luminosity


These pictures visualize the intersection of the distinct but convergent lenses of contemporary quantum physics and 2600 years of Buddhist Dharma.  Each describes a reality that is limitlessly vast and infinitely interconnected: every single thing in endless flux.


The Dharma teaches that each of us and all phenomena are impermanent, constantly changing, and empty of intrinsic existence.  What appears as reality is no more substantial than the ripples on a pond.  All the phenomena we perceive are inseparable results of a web of causes and conditions that encompass the whole of apparent existence.  Ultimate truth is the emptiness and luminosity that our minds would know if freed from all fixation.Quantum physics is the prevailing scientific theory of how things work. It implies that only the relationships between phenomena clearly exist.  Countless spinning, vibrating strings of spacetime materialize as waves of matter and energy that in turn appear as everything
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Barry Margolin: co-emergence of thought and appearance:emptiness and luminosity 11 Barry Margolin: dependent origination of entangled K mesons: emptiness and luminosity 6
Barry Margolin: dependent nature free of concept: emptiness and luminosity 10 Barry Margolin: entangled particles ejected in shunyata: emptiness and luminosity 4
Barry Margolin: quantum entanglement in the ocean of samsara:emptiness_and_luminosity_13 Barry Margolin: virtual photons exchanged in ziji emptiness and luminosity 9