Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

Becky Kisabeth Gibbs is a painter whose art explores the abstract continuum; from abstract realism to non-representational. Referencing nature, fractal patterns, biomorphic shapes and light, she paints subjects basic to our world – water, trees, sky – as well as inventive abstract realms created from her mind’s eye.


Her interest in the landscape reflects both the traditional concept of finding solace in nature, as well as more contemporary issues of humans’ complicity in the destruction of the environment. Her work in non-representational abstraction references biomorphic forms with a nod to our ability to see the world differently with the use of technology. These paintings explore the macro and micro, and blur the line between reality and imagination, inner space and outer space.


Boston area solo exhibits include September 2012 and September 2014 at Galatea Fine Art. She has also participated in many group exhibits and juried shows. Her work can be found in public and private collections including
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Becky Kisabeth Gibbs: Heavens & Abyss Becky Kisabeth Gibbs: Captivating Blue
Becky Kisabeth Gibbs: Deep