Brenda Van Der Beek

Creation out of one’s imagination brings along everyday life. I am interested in mapping digested experiences and moods through color, line, shape and texture in search of a psychological terrain. Through visualization and then translation to imagery it is possible to make sense of the anarchy and perhaps provide some clarity.


I build in two dimensions resulting in interplay between experiencing, interpreting and having something unexpected happen in the work each and every time. My love of maps, blueprints and architectural drawings are an influence and always find a place in the work. I am interested in their manmade quality embodying our human ability to plan, to arrange and to construct places that provide shelter and satisfy a basic impulse to establish roots. I think of my work as materialization informed by the rational and the irrational. Fluidity, rigidity and an essential measure of equilibrium generate the eventual mixed media drawing or painting. I play, and in the
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Brenda van der Beek: Fair in the Sky Brenda van der Beek: I See You
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