Cheryl Polcaro

My work explores the spaces around memory and childhood. Growing up, I enjoyed the escape provided by books of all kinds, with a particular love of fairy tales and mythology. As adults, our perspective changes. The stories you once knew and the memories you hold are viewed from a reinterpreted reality. Through the use of manipulating and fragmenting photographic references on canvas and building layers with paint, I strive in my work to depict a realm somewhere between the innocence of childhood and the perhaps darker realizations that come with age. The imagery is reminiscent of the half sleeping half waking state between dream and reality. Isolated characters balance between the beautiful and the unsettling, all with an underlying sense of capturing something forgotten. However, the viewer is intentionally left with enough breathing space to project their own interpretation into the work.

Cheryl Polcaro: Girl with Marionette Cheryl Polcaro: The Mairionette
Cheryl Polcaro: The Dance Cheryl Polcaro: Lepidoptera
Cheryl Polcaro: The Innocent Cheryl Polcaro: Siamese Twins