Clare Asch

In my artwork I am interested in exploring the interaction of chance with predetermined structures. Natural phenomena like the flow of water and gravity fascinate me. In the Tideline Series of paintings, mostly large scale watercolors, I bisect the paper into overlapping X shapes that create a scaffold onto which I pour and brush liquid paint.


I mix my own colors and when the paint is poured this mixture spreads and dries at different rates creating a tideline where the wet paint meets the dry paper. This mix of transparent layers of color and line created by the physical interaction of the media, the mark of my hand and the predetermined structure, sets up a visual dialogue that intrigues me.

Clare Asch: Indigo Light Clare Asch: Scarlet Drift
Clare Asch: Blue Diamond Clare Asch: Blue Swerve
Clare Asch: Cloud Bar Clare Asch: Summer Blues