Claudine Bing

I spent four months traveling around the world in 2002 as an art professor on a program called Semester at Sea. I became intrigued by the movement of continents, the ocean and the ocean floor, islands created by volcanic activity and the relationship between geologic time and human time.


Over several years I made oil pastel drawings about the earth, including tectonic plates, shifting continents, and small figures dwarfed by lava flows and geologic landscapes.


I was awarded a month’s residency to work and study near Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Imagining “hot spots” and rifts in the earth’s crust led to drawings and digital recreations about the movements of the earth. I see my own feelings about the unpredictability of events in my personal life in this subject matter.


I continued my journeys to see those places in the world where evidence of volcanic activity had shaped the landscape and its inhabitants.
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The Stars At The End Of The StreetMixed Media, 18in x 24in, 2017 VolcanoArchival Ink Jet Print,26"x50"
Galapagos Series 3 acrylic on canvas, 36"x44" Galapagos Series 6acrylic on canvas,16\"x18\"
Galapagos Series 12 acrylic on canvas,26"x32" Rivers of Sand oil pastel on paper,20"x24"
African Continent 2oil pastel on paper,24"x20"