Constance Bigony

My visual images are reflective of themes that have captured my imagination and inner vision.  My art has a primal quality and is inspired by “outsider” art or naïve work outside of the mainstream.  Working from the figure, portraiture and landscape are also my passions. My work has a spontaneous directness and is often executed in a raw and primitive manner using collaged pieces of fabric with paint wood and found objects. It is my intent that there be an emotional force to the work as well as a good dose of humor which will reveal the myriad ways the mental landscape can be translated to a visual medium.


Within the past few years, I have discovered encaustic media. It is an ancient process that hot fuses wax pigments, resin and beeswax.  I love the immediacy of the process and the physicality. Beeswax has wonderful fluidity and flexibility. It is possible to embed
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Constance Bigony: Mantra Mama Constance Bigony: Oop Oop A Doop
Constance Bigony: Dancin’ in the Streets