ON VIEW: October 4-29, 2017
Reception: October 6, 6-8pm
Eleanor Steinadler
"Off the Beaten Path"
"Abandoned (Truro, MA) #7"
Archival Pigment Print, 24"X36", 2017


This exhibition will counterpose two new series of Eleanor Steinadler's photographs from 2016-17 - the Abandoned Construction series from Truro MA on Cape Cod, and the Edge of the Sea series shot on the Matador Island in Florida Keys. The poignancy and the humor often coexist in the Abandoned series photographs. A long-abandoned ship out of the water, sits in the middle of nowhere. In the clarity of full unforgiving sun it casts a strong stark shadow. A battered hull still preserves some of its proud bearing, as well as the remnant of a carefully chosen two color paint job.

In contrast, Steinadler's Matador Island photographs are actual studies, in a full panoply of different shades of blue, of that boundary between land and sea, and the sea and sky, and our ecstatic relationship to the subtle wonders of Nature. This series was shot from the heart and evokes an immediate response -- it virtually exudes the serenity and continuity of true bliss.