ON VIEW: April 1-30, 2017
Reception: April 7, 6-8pm
Philip Gerstein
"Wild at Heart: Works on Paper and Other Adventures"
"Always Tomorrow"
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Weathered Paper Mounted on Wood, 30"X26" , 2017

Philip Gerstein

Wild at Heart: Works on Paper and Other Adventures

This show is about the art of taking chances... of challenging oneself to keep going within each painting -- past the point of well-balanced, well-crafted, or a variation of something safely familiar-- to keep going as long and as far as it will take me and itself. Each painting then is a possible world, a one-time experiment, that sings its own song, that looks for its own joy within the universal pursuit of happiness, the universal attempt to avoid pain... . Each painting is a play of the illusions of depth and movement, but at the very same time real material textured and touchable... . Each painting is a generator of emotions in its colored and reverberating presence...

This is the spirit of unending experimentation that I for one find so liberating. I work on a painting until I discover something I have not seen before...