ON VIEW: June 1-30, 2017
Reception: June 2, 6-8pm
X Bonnie Woods
"Curious Barriers: Sumi Paintings from 2017"
"Barrier No. 7"
"Barrier No. 7", Sumi on Folded Paper with Construction Material, 35X50cm, 2017 (image photo by Ines Borchart, Berlin)

In these new three-dimensional Sumi works on folded paper, X Woods uses brash construction materials as collage and color additions to her customarily elegant black-and-white ink works. All pieces in this exhibition were made since January 2017. They explore a notion of "barrier" and "warning" that the artist has experienced through recent American popular culture and media. Working in Berlin, Germany, where most of these works were completed, the artist has been able to watch recent U.S. events from afar, yet she is continually asked by Germans about what Americans are really thinking in the curious new political environment. "I don't know if I am the best spokesperson to explain these political events or to describe the American state of mind," she says, "but the new 'in-your-face' politics has certainly brought me to a different 'in-your-face' way of seeing things."