ON VIEW: October 4-29, 2017
Reception: October 6, 6-8pm
Marjorie Kaye
"Taken Out of Context"
"The Edge of Night"
Gouache on Panel, 20"x16", 2017

Taken Out of Context is a study of the relationship between my recent two dimensional paintings and three dimensional sculptures. My paintings see interrelationships between shapes along the surface, as if there were entities co-existing within the space. They encouraged three dimensional pieces that seemed to have jumped out of the surface, escaping from the confines of the second dimension.

My gouache paintings are built from the observation of complexity and my intention in actualizing sequential order. I need to work as if untying a complicated and seemingly impossible knot. The forms are immediately organic, swirling and undulating from one end of the surface from the other. Once this has been established, I go in honing, working each shape, dissecting it into its unique rhythm. This is the secondary aspect of making each work, and the action that ties the shapes into a whole, one that balances between energy and calculation.

These shapes are mirrored in the sculptures. Entities are born from shaped wood pieces, all coming together in a series of elemental creature-like formations. In opposition to the paintings, these sculptural forms are minimally painted, deriving any sense of complexity from the juxtaposition of individual pieces.

There is a dichotomy present in the works, from subtlety to complexity; iteration to minimalism. Together the works address the balance between two disciplines, and the singular worlds that arise from their interaction, as in a thought giving way to the crystallization of form.