ON VIEW: March 1-29, 2017
Reception: March 3, 6-8pm
Vanessa R Thompson
Archival Pigment Print, 22"X29", 2016

Vanessa R. Thompson


noun | gob-bet | \'gäbit\
definition: a piece or lump of flesh, food, or other matter

Using food to ladle the familiar into the uncertain, Vanessa R Thompson's photographs of farm fresh food serve up an uneasy distrust of the world for our digestion. In her newest series, Gobbet, she uses pieces of raw meat from her local butcher first to disconnect and then to disconcert, perhaps to distress. Thompson delights in dishing out the suspense between the obvious and the suspect. Gobbet is a piece of a story, a piece of a dream, a teaser of what is to come, but it is fleeting; tantalizing our appetites and leaving us craving the next morsel.

Thompson wants us to thrill over the deep, organic energy of the natural world. She wants us to feel its lushness, its texture, its smell, its mortality. She relishes how it can be ugly, even to the point of repulsion; but, she says, she can never stray too far from its beauty.

Vanessa R Thompson received an MFA at the Art Institute of Boston in 2005. Since then she has been involved in a number of collaborative gallery spaces in the Boston area, including Galatea Fine Art in Boston, Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston and Gallery 213 in South Boston. She has exhibited this series at the Trailer Box Project in Connecticut in the Fall of 2016.