ON VIEW: August 2-27, 2017
Reception: August 4, 6-8pm
Cheryl Polcaro
"Telltale: The Art of Cheryl Polcaro"
"The Guilded Child"
Mixed Media, 12"X12", 2017

Telltale: A tale bearer. A person, especially a child, who reveals the secrets of others. A device or object that automatically gives a visual indication of the state or presence of something. I will make no further attempt at describing the themes behind my work. Each piece has its own origin story and some are images that come to me (at the oddest of times) out of a place I do not claim to understand in the least. I therefore ask the viewer to interpret the work however they wish and know that theirs is a true and valid interpretation. There are stories in the lines and brushstrokes of this work that are a mystery even to me.

My process begins by taking photographs which are enlarged, transformed into transparencies, and pieced together on the canvas. I then use acrylic paint and various other media to bring the images to life. Some areas ask to be defined with detail. Other areas wish to remain raw and expose more of my process. Special thanks to my nieces who are forever my models and infuse my work with their bright spirits.