ON VIEW: March 1-29, 2017
Reception: March 3, 6-8pm
Francis Domec
"The Purring of the Soul"
"Into the Woods"
Acrylic on Canvas, 30"X24", 2016

Francis Domec

The Purring of the Soul

The seventeen paintings exhibited in this gallery were created during a dark period of my life. During that period of two years I stopped painting. I lost my appetite to create

In March 2016, I came back to it after a thorough research on spirituality, esotericism and a personal idea of the afterlife. All these thoughts were logical to me. This in deep investigation was an epiphany. Painting became, once again, a new therapy guided by spiritually. Ideas came as a flow of emotions projecting childhood memories but also reflections of the future: the earth not in adequacy with humanity, the sabotage of the environment, the concept of time and the thought of possible reincarnations on Earth. In one of Paul Gauguin's title," Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going" the celebrated painter thought about that: the meaning of life on Earth?

Although my artwork differs from him I also question the meaning of life through my work. Where come my ideas when confronting to a white canvas? Was I guided by spiritual beings? It is a possibility!

As a concept my paintings utilize Abstract Optical Illusion. We all know that painting is an illusion...a make believe. With my cubes, straight lines, rectangles and rounded shapes, I also invent a new reality.

Through my esoteric readings I realize how it is fundamental important to live with the idea of "the Here and Now". Is it my life's purpose to paint? Probably so!

Where come my ideas when painting? I believe that I am guided by spiritual beings.

Among many mediums I was impressed by an erudite scientist, philosopher and writer, Francois de Witt and his vision of afterlife. It mentions in one of his books that when his soul was happy he had the pure sensation that his heart was "purring" (ronronnee "in French) like a cat having a pure bliss. I like the idea and used it for the title of my exhibit.

In essence I believe my new vision of life helps to paint these images. What a beautiful experience it was .