ON VIEW: April 1-30, 2017
Reception: April 7, 6-8pm
Michael Shores
"Cloud Creatures and Other Delusions"
"The Silent Ones"
Acrylic on Canvas, 14"X18", 2017

Michael Shores

Cloud Creatures and Other Delusions

"What the artist saw while lying
Hash addled on his bed
Gazing at the white stucco ceiling
12 feet above his head"

What types of visions are conjured up while staring at a wall covered in bird droppings? Da Vinci pondered this as well as Salvador Dali and maybe every other artist with half a soul. In this exhibition I attempt to give form to those entities that only can be viewed by a certain kind of creative being.

In March 2016, I came back to it after a thorough research on spirituality, esotericism and a personal idea of the afterlife. All these thoughts were logical to me. This in deep investigation was an epiphany. Painting became, once again, a new therapy guided by spiritually. Ideas came as a flow of emotions projecting childhood memories but also reflections of the future: the earth not in adequacy with humanity, the sabotage of the environment, the concept of time and the thought of possible reincarnations on Earth. In one of Paul Gauguin's title," Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going" the celebrated painter thought about that: the meaning of life on Earth?

Many of these painting were inspired by a visit to a sacred ancient place in the American Southwest where I experienced an epiphany of biomorphic forms in sandstone. The intensity of this place cannot really be described in human terms. Perhaps a visit to another planet might be the closest feeling. Being there completely convinced me of the existence of an alien life form that existed millions of years before man.

These crude representations are the end result of lessons learned while in this place and in that state of mind.