ON VIEW: June 1-30, 2017
Reception: June 2, 6-8pm
Martha Stone
"Memories and Musings"
"After the Rain"
Oil on Panel, 7"X5", 2015

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -- Henry David Thoreau

As an artist I seek to find the unusual in the usual. The variations of light and the juxtaposition of forms and colors often reveal something unique and ephemeral. The sensation to paint arrives in this fleeting moment. Sometimes the painting begins on location or with some photographs used as a reminder when working in the studio. This is the point of departure from painting a naturalistic scene to recreating the mysterious and dreamlike memory that remains in my imagination. Although my paintings are based on real places, I alter aspects to resolve formal issues and to get closer to the feelings that drew me to the subject.

In this body of work some of the paintings are images and sentiments that I have held in my heart and mind for quite a while. Others are a reaction to the distinct beauty, color or form of an entity that exists in nature such as a flower or a gourd.

In these turbulent times art can offer us a different reality, which can sustain and strengthen us. As I paint I find a challenging, yet comfortable place to live for a while.