David Weinberg

My fine art photography is strongly influenced by my prior career as a pathologist at a Boston teaching hospital. For many years I experimented with digital imaging to study the mysteries of human disease, so it was entirely natural for me to adopt digital photography for my personal work. My studio feels like a laboratory where I can freely experiment. Sometimes I am drawn to the natural or man-made worlds outside my studio, and sometimes I invent new worlds using computer manipulation. In each instance, I am drawn to some visual mystery, some mystical quality that can provide a path toward spirituality and self-discovery.


Forty LinesDigital Photograph, Archival Inkjet Print, 18in x 24in, 2017 David Weinberg: Zona Pellucida
David Weinberg: Pomegranate, Avocado, and Egg David Weinberg: Pomegranate and Blood Orange
David Weinberg: Persephone's Meal David Weinberg: On Closer Examination
David Weinberg: Forbidden Fruits and Wine