Diane Novetsky

Painting is my way of giving form and color to the invisible.


It is a process that is both additive and subtractive–building layer upon layer of paint on canvas, allowing some elements to become more prominent, while others are buried beneath.


As an abstract painter, my work evolves intuitively from an inner cache of dreams, half-forgotten memories, and fleeting glimpses of everyday life. The core of each painting’s meaning lies in the “conversation” I have with the work in progress. I begin with an idea or direction, but the work will suggest for me where to go from there—as long as I am in tune with the conversation. My paintings invite the viewer to trace this dialogue and to participate in its creation.


My paintings are built up in layers–like the strata of the earth–using a variety of acrylic based mediums, such as pumice gel, which echo the gritty qualities of natural sand and stone. Some of
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Diane Novetsky: Elevation Diane Novetsky: Emerald_Isle
Diane Novetsky: Sassafras and Moonshine Diane Novetsky: Summer Passage
Diane Novetsky: The Wave Diane Novetsky: Volcanic