Dianne Dolan

My work is centered in my everyday life. It is a synthesis of human experience and perception. Color has always been a major focus. I experiment with color that defines my personal experiences with my subject matter.


While my landscapes are created in specific locations, they rely more on my memory and interpretation, rather than the “plein air” experience. I choose colors and exaggerate them to express my own personal vision.  I hope to inspire my viewers to reconsider the world around them, so they may find the beauty that exists in ordinary surroundings and everyday objects. In addition to my painting, I frequently work in the Artist Book format.  I find working with a variety of materials often gives voice to a means of expression in a way that is not satisfied by my painting.   I experiment with structures that allow me to merge image, narrative, and autobiography.  It is my hope to further this dialogue by
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Dianne Dolan: Along the way Dianne Dolan: Island Series 3
Dianne Dolan: On the Penninsula