Ed Friedman

I think it is the job of a photographer to point out things to people that they might not see for themselves. We all have a habit of ‘looking’ at things all the time. But ‘seeing’ things is a different matter altogether. In my images I hope to give people an idea of what I ‘see’ when I can overcome theĀ  tendency to just ‘look’.


That being said,I don’t always think about my pictures that much before I take them. Something internal will ‘click’ when I see something that might be interesting, and I will then take a picture. Most of the time the image is not worth considering seriously. But every now and then you get one and when you see it you know it’s right. Sometimes there is no time to think about the picture, because in another 5 seconds it may be gone.


So I hit the shutter and hope.


Ed Friedman: Amarillo Landscape Ed Friedman: Dignity
Ed Friedman: Bartender - Mine Shaft Tavern Ed Friedman: Broken
Ed Friedman: Kendall Ed Friedman: The Fashion Statement
Ed Friedman: Shadow of a Former Self

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