Jo-Ann Boback

My work is abstract, defined by rich layers of color, bold strokes, and subtle text, use of both brush and pallet knife, adding and removing as the work emerges.


Thru my work I express pieces of evolving in life.  Emotions of daily existence, which are influenced by external forces. Each stroke, drip, scrape, and layer is both consciously and subconsciously connecting the abstract with reality.


I see my work as a dialogue, a dance between experiences and imagination.  Thru many strokes and gestures I seek to engage a conversation with the viewer.  Perhaps, provoking one to think and feel in a more layered way.


My love of abstract expressionism was greatly influenced by the Masters such as Richter, deKooning, Franz Kline and most recently contemporary Asian artists.


My art can take you somewhere, provoke you somehow and yet even bring you a sense of peace.   My intent is that the viewer will look at the work and
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