Joe Caruso

For me, painting is about trust and surrender, exploration and discovery, possibility and perseverance, and sometimes, even disaster.  I embrace a way of working that encourages surprise, as disturbing as that can sometimes be.


I begin a piece by laying out some colors that I  may want to include; beyond that, I do not have a predetermined notion of what the painting should become .  I use oils with a cold wax medium and experiment with various amounts of each.  With a blow torch, I fuse the two to explore color and form.  What I particularly like about this method is its unpredictability.  As heat is applied, magic is created:  fusion occurs and, in an instant, long drips, whirling streams, and even minor snow storms develop when the pigment merges and or separates from the wax.  I   turn the painting on all four sides to see it from multiple perspectives, sometimes changing its final orientation. I dance a
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Happy Go LuckyMixed media Joe Caruso: Tangerine
Joe Caruso: Harvest Joe Caruso: Divertimento
Joe Caruso: Ocean Breeze Joe Caruso: Taj
Joe Caruso: Confluence