Joe Kitsch

“Weird Science”


The world is a weird place. And by “world” I mean universe. And by “universe” I mean the totality of existence. Everything in it is made of fundamental forces of nature that can be broken down into information that our senses interpret and make visceral, make real.


I have always described myself as a conceptually oriented pop artist, using humorously lowbrow images as a universal language to explore highbrow ideas. In this new body of work, I continue using pop sensibilities to describe profound ideas in math, science and digital culture. But I’m beginning to consider myself a realist painter. Not realist in the way other artists render the human form or interpret a landscape in a picturesque fashion, but realist in that these images reflect the true nature of reality more accurately than the perceptions we have of the world through our own eyes.


Each piece uses pixilated grid fields painted on canvas to
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01 White Rabbit in a Snowstorm acrylic in canvas, 64x46 inches, 2009 White Rabbit in a Snowstorm acrylic and cigarette ash on canvas, 36x24 inches, 2008
White Rabbit in a Snowstorm cut paper, pencil and grass on paper, 11x14 inches, 2007 Joe Kitsch: The Elements
Joe Kitsch: Buddha Joe Kitsch: Pi