Lynda Cutrell

Google Earth


It’s such a statement of our place in time, that imagery of any location can now be downloaded, tweaked and pixelated.  In this body of work, i take some familiar New England landscapes – Cape Cod, Logan Airport, Gloucester and Salem Harbors – using satellite and GPS imagery to paint them in contemporary window.


The Internet and technology have made instant arial views of any landscape available to us within the last few years.  150 years ago, it was the painter that was charged with recording exotic landscapes for the non travelers to see.  


The sublime was recorded. Photography next took its place in books and magazines for the world to see captured moments. Now the Internet and technology move us to instant detail and reality of every place on the planet.


Each location has very significant meaning for me, I try to capture this
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Latitude43 GoogleEarthOil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches PTown GoogleEarthOil on canvas, 34 x 50 inches
She Smoke Oil on canvas, 24 x 48 inches Lynda Michaud Cutrell: Muscle Cells
Lynda Michaud Cutrell: Clone 6 Lynda Michaud Cutrell: Sauvignon Blanc