Marjorie Kaye

My paintings and sculptural forms address directional flow. There is an interplay of all aspects of metamorphosis, emotional and existential; a dialogue between the natural world and human-constructed environment. The work starts as pure gesture, the infrastructure of elements of the eternal essence of both the natural world and the accompanying components of human emotion and spirit. Layers of color and form are applied with gouache, sealed with acrylic medium, and mounted to different thicknesses of plywood. Layers of gouache allow a small amount of the wood grain to emerge, adding definition. The layering of plywood produces a 3-dimensional relief and depicts the birth and rebirth of energy and movement. Each piece expresses visual patterns of brain synapse and internal fireworks; a gestalt of revelation and contemplation, reaction and experience. There is a strong metaphysical component to the work, expressed as symbolism combined with pure organic form. All of my work is motivated by elements present in the natural world,
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The Edge of NightGouache on Panel, 20in x 16in, 2017 FossilGouache/Acrylic Medium on Wood; 10.5in x 16in  x 4in; 2017
Many Turns of Fine WireGouache on Panel, 20in x 24in, 2017 Marjorie Kaye: Altar
Marjorie Kaye: Cairn Marjorie Kaye: Energy Transmission
Marjorie Kaye: Honor Marjorie Kaye: Oracle
Marjorie Kaye: Plumage