Marsha Odabashian

Shades are shadows, traces, ghosts. I am interested in the ways motifs persist and change over centuries. The peacock: sacred to Hera in the classical world, manuscript motif in medieval Armenia and the wider Western and Islamic cultural spheres, symbol of pride, symbol of courtship, living ornament in landscape, a bird of the genus Pavo of the pheasant family, Phasianidae. The shade of the peacock encompasses all of these and is at the same time none of them. The shade of the peacock exemplifies how motifs function in my paintings, which are the residue of balancing the known, the process of becoming known, and the never to be known. In exploring the ways the physicality of paint and materials mimic the history of painting, of culture, and of my own experience, the ‘shades’ in my paintings merge perception, illusion, memory, fantasy, dislocation, nostalgia, and oblivion: shades of peacocks, and of other beings.

Marsha Odabahian: Curious Rift in Oblivion Marsha Odabahian: Habits Of Civilization
Marsha Odabahian: Stone Garden Marsha Odabahian: Rosebufs 5-8
Marsha Odabahian: Rosebuds 1-4 Marsha Odabahian: Exile