Martha Stone

Painting has a language of its own, which communicates without the use of words; however, I can say a little about why I paint. As a visual person I have always been fascinated by what I see. We often see the same things day in and day out, but there are times, when a certain light or a certain darkness changes the ordinary into something unusual. On other occasions seeing something for the first time provokes a strange and mysterious sensation. In my paintings I strive to capture these fleeting impressions to create another world, that is familiar, yet unique.


For many years my work has been based on my experiences in Italy.  [The ephemeral nature of light is viewed at its height in the Italian countryside.  This light finds its way into the interior spaces as well, illuminating the objects residing within.]


My hope is that the viewer will find his or her own perception, when observing
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EveningOil,  10 x 8 inches Pears on Italian ClothOil,   7.5 x 5.5 inches
Quiet TimeOil,   19.625 x 27.5 inches