Matthew Keller

The work that I have recently produced examines the many differing aspects oforganized religion and the individual; sexual repression and ties to religiousbelief, martyrdom, deep questioning of humanity’s involvement concerningdevotion to holy beliefs, and a struggle to understand the importance andchanges that effect religion over time.


I strive to force a probing of the origins and bindings that both religious and moralteachings leave all of us with. I choose to explore inconsistencies with my ownbeliefs and the contradictions involved in many of the churches teachings. This isaccomplished through minimal figure work, obstructed line drawing, andconceptual text work, all of which are integrated at times. I like to use materials innew and differing ways, exposing what’s lies behind paint, graphite, and evenwalls, to mirror social barriers. The materials many times are meant to breakdown and change over time, to mirror the belief that all ideas and understandingschange repeatedly in our lives.


The work produces feelings of alienation, misunderstanding, inconsistency,confusion,
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