NE Collective VII Juried Show

The New England Collective  is an annual juried exhibition which highlights the work of an eclectic mix of artists from 6 states. This year, our juror is Julie Burros. Ms Burros  is the Chief of Arts and Culture for the city of Boston, a cabinet level position reporting directly to Mayor Martin J. Walsh. She oversees the office of Arts and Culture which houses the Boston Cultural Council and the Boston Art Commission.

"Destination in Sight", Susan Blatt

"Destination in Sight", Susan Blatt
"Roger's Zoo Marlin", Gin Stone

"Roger's Zoo Marlin", Gin Stone
"Gasoline", Dale Stephanos

"Gasoline", Dale Stephanos

List of Accepted Artists

Blatt, Susan “Destination in Sight”
Boback, Jo-Ann “Purple Rain”
Bornemann, Erik “Untitled 2”
Brunelle, Ron “Gold Dust”
Burnham, Jennifer “Untitled” (12”X36”)
Buron, John “Clothesline”
Cabral, Steven J. “You Are All I See”
Chemel, Jocelyn “Endure”
Cirioni, Brenda “Cascade”
Coenen, Danielle “Lost and Found and Lost Again”
Crasco, Nancy “Seaweed Salad”
Crocker, Suzanne “Infinite Energy”
Cross, Mia “Kiss Kiss”
Der Marderosian, Adrienne “Migration”
dirt lux “Posed”
Dolan, Dianne “Fragments: A Boxed Set of Her Life in Pieces”
Fischman, Laura “As the Fog Begins to Lift”
Glick, Betty “Back and Forth”
Gonda, Tamara “Sunday Driving”
Gonda, Tamara “Two of Us”
Gorn, Julie “Moving Day 1”
Heavican, T.D. “Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth”
Hesse, Bob “Unquiet City XIX”
Hitchen, Paul “Down Park Slope”
Hubert, Michael “Under the Influence”
Hull, Kata “Sea Change”
Hunt, Wilson “Electra”
Johnstone, Anne “Inequities”
Kattman, Richard “Tuscan Hillside”
Kociuba, Jim “Cottonwood”
Krieger, Karen “Hidden Dragon”
LaGue, Ruth “Reflection on a Shoreline”
Layne, Hthaiwon “Abbey”
Lazar, Paula Metcalf “Sea and Sky”
LeFlore, Bonita “Sail On Silver Girl”
Leitner, Rose “Jubilance”
Leskin, Susan “Dancer”
Mullen, Joan “Wear II”
Novetsky, Diane “Beantown Boogie”
Noyes, Petrea “Cocktails for Two”
Pagano, John “The Prisoners Escape”
Pagano, John “What You See is What You Get”
Paladino, Susan “Visible Mendings I”
Pogor, Betty “Floaters”
Porter, Bill “Sure As You’re Born”
Porzio, Ed “China Coat 2”
Richmond, Katherine “Passage”
Rippel, Beverly “Genesis Table”
Roberts-Camello, Stephanie “Envelop II”
Skillicorn, David “Motet”
Steinem, Robert “Electric Autumn”
Stephanos, Dale “Gasoline”
Stone, Gin “Roger’s Zoo Marlin”
Trahan, Sarah “Succulent”
Walker, Sean “Six Emotional States”
Wells, Roger “Kezar Sunrise”
Wilson, Timothy “Uneasy House”
Young, Philip “Field at West Hill”
Young, Philip “The Landing”
Yu, Harry “City View”