Philip Gerstein

“Most of my paintings arise from my perception and use of color as a vital, intense, electric, animating force. You may be tempted to consider them in musical terms — color, movement, interval, balance, direction, duration.  You need not resist this temptation… .


I look for inspiration in both art and nature. Although I admire the past achievements of both Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, it is rather in work that predates theirs – Kandinsky and classical artists of the Far East – that I find more direct antecedents to my work.”

Blesssed Are The Peacemakers (18x24) 
w/c stick, chalk, pastel, w/c on paper Paradise – What an Idea   (39”x47”)  
ink, w/c stick, chalk, pastel, w/c on paper mounted on wood
Ysabel's Table Dance (54x63)  
oil stick & acrylic on canvas From Timbuktu to Gao (18x18) 
 oil stick, acrylic & mixed media on wood panel
Libertad Y Alegria (36x48)   
oil stick, acrylic, pigment & mixed media on wood panel Mixed Metaphors (20x16)
   oil stick & acrylic on wood panel