Ralph Mercer

In my photography I strive to foster contemplation and encourage intimacy with the image. The work juxtaposes the human figure and imagery captured in nature or created in the studio. Looking beyond the body’s visible exterior my photography is both literal and symbolic; elegant and evocative.


I explore the female body and its implied connections to the natural world and evolutionary imperatives. The work is meant to honor womanhood’s qualities of sensual beauty, procreation and motherhood. It is a metaphysical meditation that ponders the powerful, creative, and archetypal character of womanhood.


The series “Myths” implies a spiritual connection by merging a human figure with natural organic imagery. This visual blending of man and nature suggests a sensual transcendentalism, and promotes meditations on the oneness of an individual with the comprehensive environment.


In another series titled ‘Dialectics’, the figure is simultaneously merged and juxtaposed with hard edged abstract imagery. With these photographs a comparison is made between the
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Ralph Mercer: Myths Untitled 11 Ralph Mercer: Dialectics_Untitled-5
Ralph Mercer: Dialectics_Untitled 14