Ruth Segaloff

Ruth Segaloff’s collective works, “Lest We Forget,” incorporate family mementos and found objects as narrative tools to memorialize deceased relatives and to revisit historic events and social values.


They depict children on ponies dressed as cowboys juxtaposed with visions of the Holocaust and the horrors of war.  The importance of appreciating different perspectives and bearing witness to injustices are also recurrent themes.


The title piece of her works, “Lest We Forget,” is a white baby shoe with blue ribbons that is encased in rusty nails and wire, a reminder of the thousands of baby shoes in Holocaust museums around the world that still hold the DNA of their deceased victims.


“Lost Boys,” the symbol of her collection, is autobiological, like many of her works.  “A colleague gave me a toy train conductor found on the grounds of Westboro State Hospital where we were evaluating an adolescent boy,” she said.  “Lost Boys,” a cover story of a magazine was waiting
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Before We Were Grownups Assemblage; 20x13 inch Gratitude  Mixed Media Assemblage; 16x13x38 inch (with pedestal)
I Come in Peace  Assemblage; 21x13x4 inch In Search of a Cure  Assemblage;  13x12x8 inch
Into the Wild Blue Yonder  Collage; 19x23 inch The Baggage We Carry  Assemblage; 22x26 inch