Tamara Gonda

My life, my art, my work – it is uniquely American abstract. Like me it is colored by sunsets on the front porch. The long lingering sunsets of humid mid-atlantic summers. It is infused by the shades of the ocean and the soft greens of New Hampshire and Vermont. And is reminiscent of high mountain ranges of the Wyoming Rockies and the Northwest Cascades. I feel those settings. The feelings and colors never fade` or die.


If we are to have any success in painting (abstract, or otherwise) our viewers must feel our experiences. Walk the corridors of an unexplored museum, and in starting around a corner imagine first seeing only the edge of a yet unexposed painting. We know we are about to feel as only the painter has seen and felt. We feel their experiences in an untamed paradise. We know this from the gut, by the colors they used to simultaneously convey restful bliss and cultural
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