Richard Kattman

Painting and drawing are my passion. Landscape architecture is my profession. I paint large abstract canvases in the open air by the ocean. I paint large-scale portrait and figure paintings in the studio. Landscape paintings are produced in the field in all weather conditions.


My paintings and drawings are about nature, man’s relationship to nature, man’s nature and the nature of painting and drawing. Through color, line, and the creation of form, I search for beauty and meaning in the universe. Drawing allows me to discipline my creative instincts. I try to capture in every model or landscape the energy I envision radiating from the person or object’s core.


My portraits and figures are representations of real people as they exist at the present moment. I record on canvas or paper my understanding of the model’s physical and spiritual being. My figurative aim is to render this person as “modern,” as he or she has been
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