Ronni Komarow

My work in mixed media, collage and monoprint is rooted in personal narrative; family stories, scraps of conversation and fragments of everyday life. Found materials, photographs and ephemera add dimension to these stories, giving them a larger, more universal resonance.My approach is influenced by a life-long obsession with collecting. Since childhood I have loved to rummage in attics, thrift stores, antique markets and yard sales.  I seek out objects that speak to me and seem to embody fragments of narrative. I combine and transform these found objects in ways that transcend superficial identity and embody a larger story.


This artist’s book, entitled “The Plan,” ostensibly describes my late father’s life-long plan; his dream of building his own house. It also describes the journey of that dream through my father’s lifetime, and stands as a testament to the power of private “sanctuaries,” our dreams and aspirations, to mold who we are and what we become.


Ronni Komarow: Lincoln Park Dyptich